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Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

We have put together a special selection for your interest this Christmas. Hoping to find something to suit all budgets that will inspire your child to creative or imaginative play – then look no further.

Sound Camera
Bikloon Balance Bike
Marble Games Set
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Little Imps Toyshop, Glastonbury

A Little History

Little Imps began trading in February 2003 offering an imaginative collection of toys to the children and people of Glastonbury – residents and visitors alike.

With a focus on quality, wooden and traditional toys Imps has always had five small bays of toys set up for kids to have a play with. I remember taking my little ones in there and letting them have a play and then pick something small to take home, a visit to Little Imps was often part of our day.

I bought the shop as a going concern in February 2008 with my wife Debi and we have been proud owners ever since. I believe we have continued the good work done by the previous owners, sourcing a more varied selection of Toys, again with a focus on tradition and quality, but also with an eye on what our own children were playing with.

An eye for a good thing.

I have often said we like to stock the shop with the things we would buy ourselves. I think this, along with a fair amount of hard work has made for an excellent little toy shop.

Even as I write this a customer visiting from south Wales has told me how wonderful the shop is and what an amazing range of toys we have – these are comments we get on a daily basis.

Little Imps Today – Gallery


Looking Forward

Watch this space … more to follow

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Wooden Toys

Built to last and all carefully chosen for their quality from trusted suppliers who are long established in sourcing quality wooden materials that are safe and ethical.

Chicken Racer
Magnetic Rocket
Bikloon Balance Bike
Dino Car – Trio
83 Small Magnetic Letters
Wiggly Worm
Sound Camera
Push along toy – Rouli-cuicui
Browny – Pull Along
Mikes Auto Garage
Truck Stacker
Wooden Mini Home
Scouic – Pull Along
Garden House Shape Sorter
Clown Magnet Letter Board
Skwish Classic
Story Grand Prix Suitcase
Magnetic – 38 Big Letters
Fountain Bowl Set
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Traditional Toys

These toys are the classics from yesteryear. That have stood the test of time, having been enjoyed by generations of kids. They still hold the same appeal with today youngsters as they did with their grandparents. Timeless classics!

Tub of 50 Marbles
Nighlight – Sweet Girl
Spaceship Kaleidescope
Pelmel Spinning Top
Pull Back Racing Cars
Zigolos Russian Dolls
Marble Games Set
Wooden stacking robots
Kaleidoscope – Large
Alice Doll
Jester Jack in the Box
Tin Friction Cars
Tin Whistling Top
Kaleidoscope – Crystal
Little Box of Marbles
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Soft Toys

Soft and cuddly toys many of which are suitable from birth. A cute and cuddly selection suitable for all ages.

Medium Rabbit Sylvain
Snuggle Baby Bunny
Snagglebaggle Ursula Unicorn
Fuddlewuddle Dino Medium
Mini Sylvain Rabbit
Oko Musical Dog
Mini Nini Mouse
Small Miauw Cat
Soft Rabbit Sylvain
Toot Owl
Orlando Owl
Medium Sized Rabbit
Scarlette The White Dog
Mini Julius Dog
Pet Tails Book
Snagglebaggle Dudley Dragon
Miniclara Doll
Little Agathe The Cat
Moon Musical Cat
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Pretend Play

Toys that inspire a child’s imagination. Our biggest and most popular toy category covering eberything from wooden pizzas in the play kitchen to pirate ships and dinosaur or unicorn play figures. A huge collection with tremendous play value.

Papo Snowy Owl
Arty Toys Pirates – Akim
Papo The Evil Queen
Unicorn Meadow
Garage 3D
Papo Eagle Knight
Lottie – Fossil Hunter
Honeybake Toaster Set
Native American Budkin
Lottie – Branksea Festival
Papo Crossbowman Red
Papo Baby Crocodile
Groovy Girls – Brooklyn
Black and White Cat
Papo Andalucian Princess
Papo Braided Mane Horse
Papo Gladiator
Papo Young Unicorn
Papo Crab Mutant Pirate
Caravan House
Papo Black Appaloosa Horse
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Pocket Money Toys

A handpicked selection of the very best ‘inexpensive’ toys. Carefully chosen to provide pocket sized fun at fun sized price. Great for party bags or stocking fillers.

Rattlesnake Eggs
Magic Tree
Finger Spinner
Fairy Necklace
Nogging Bop Max
My Pet Butterfly
Flying Birds
Paper Lazer
Tattoos – Monsters
Sparkle Baton
Dino Hatching Egg
Chester the Car
Super Magnet
Disco Glide Ball
Wooden Pop-gun
Touchable Bubbles
Paper Fan
Flashing Meteor Ball
Sun Print Paper
Clever Putty
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Outdoor Play

From footballs to frisbees, our collection of toys and games to be enjoyed outdoors. Toys that encourage children to get outside and run around in the fresh air.

Hot Air Balloon – Fruit Salad
Neon sports Ball
Retro Space Hopper
Mini Delta Kite – Hot Pink
Bird Watching Kit
Pocket Binoculars
Band Powered Helicopter
Adventurers Compass
Heart/Dot Skipping Rope
Ladybird Rope Swing
Lightweight Football
Diamond Stunter
Adventurers Magnifying Glass
Polka Dot Skipping Rope
Small Ball Hearts
5″ Ball – Planes
Adventurers Whistle
Kite – Snowy Owl
Red Kite
Fly Guys – Pirate Girl
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Other Toys & Gifts

Pink stuff and stationery. All the toys and gifts that don’t fit in our other categories. A great selection from Santoro London, Pink Poppy and others.

Snazzy Wooden Watches
Unicorn Fantasy Necklace
Hexbug original
Summer Garden Jewelry
Magnetic`s 38 Numbers
Musical box – The Fawn
Clown Letter W
Tinti Magic Bath 3pk
Clown Letter B
Tinti Crackling Bath
Fairy Bracelet
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Musical Instruments

A tried and tested selection of toys both wooden and plastic to help make sweet music or just a general racket.

Shaking Egg
Wooden Recorder
Bird Whistle
Moo Noisemaker
Bird Percussion Owl
Beaded Raindrops
Confetti Musical Set
Rainbow Pan Flutes
Barbells Maracas
Wooden Slide Whistle
Confetti Noisemaker
Animal Castanets
Confetti Castanet
Jingle Bands
Wooden Tambourine
Roll Rattle (Belltree)
Mini Rainbow Music Bells
Brio Musical Drum