Safe Shopping – Shop by Appointment

We appreciate with little ones in tow, following rules will sometimes be a challenge. Wearing a mask in our toy shop is currently the law, as it is in every confined public space. We wont enforce this, it’s just easier on everyone if the rules made to protect us are followed.

Shopping at Little Imps is still great fun for children and adults alike – we’ve had a nice busy month so thank you so much for supporting us.

Looking Forward – Shopping by appointment

If you are shielding, or are worried about visiting us then we are setting aside a morning every week for ‘personal shopping’. Just call to make an appointment, on 01458 830099.

Shop by appointment – Every Wednesday morning

You will be given a 20 minute time slot during which time you will have the shop entirely to yourself, and have the personal attention of one of our staff. You will be given all the space you need and our staff will remain a safe distance from you.

Shop by phone appointment – Mornings before 11am and afternoons after 5pm

A more flexible option, we can arrange to call you and talk you through some options for your purchase. Your items will then be posted to you for next day delivery OR collection arranged.

Shopping on a website is all well and good, but having an experienced member of staff talk you through options is a far better way of finding the perfect gift.

This facility is not currently available due to lockdown rules

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